Thursday, December 22, 2011

Love at 16? Of Earthworms And You by: Todd VanDerWerff


sun's misplaced in the universe
galaxies fade
and planets disperse
every day is dark and drab
find my pleasure in
science lab
gone from the hope of your embrace
i stop and find
myself emasculate
dissect and earthworm
with a knife
and strike a point for
animal rights
saggy ascus and liverworts
i'd buy you back
but i'm afraid
(don't ask me what it means)
sweatsocks and urine overpower me
as i walk into the rancid heat
you fell for gelboy and his hair
davy crockett shot a bear
i loved you and you loved me
gymnosperms grow inch by inch
(i suppose you wanted atticus finch)
after all, gregory pecks a
hottie i guess)
disjointed ramblings
from a twisted brain
are all i have to hide the pain
in a perfect world
x always equals three
if memphis is in tennessee
overwhelm me with self-pity
as mormons move to salt lake city
(i was never very good at history
but i'm worse without you)
give gelboy all my best
as for me I remain

Todd VanderWerff, age 16

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